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Title: Application Format
Post by: James on February 19, 2014, 05:40:30 am
Hello. So you think you're ready to become a member of the STAFF team? Well, first you need to meet the requirements, which you'll MUST have, when you post your application. Also you'll need to use the current format for applying. For not using it, your application may be denied. Ofcourse it's not actually that easy as you think it is, that you have all the requirements and used the right format. Everything depends on yourself, what is your actions in the server, how are you helpfull, mature and never violated any of the server rule points. Me, and the other STAFF team members will always keep an eye on you.

Copy paste this format into your Application:
Your In-game Name:
Your Location:
Your Timezone
Your Age:
Your English skill on a scale of 1 to 10:
Do you speak any other language besides English:
How long you've been playing on the server:
Explain why you want to become a STAFF member:
Screenshot of your In-Game stats:
You must meet these requirements, otherwise your admin application will be rejected:
Activity on the forum, atleast 5 posts on the forum
Registered for atleast 2 days on the forum and on the server
A minimum of 2 hours of playing time on the server
Good English language knowledge. To communicate with the players without any problems.
You must include a screenshot of your statistics on the server "/stats"

Unfollowing the format and not meeting the requirements, will lead to auto DENIED. Which means you'll not be able to apply after 2 weeks period.

Only STAFF members can reply to applicator's post!