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Title: Forum Rules
Post by: James on February 19, 2014, 06:01:02 am
Forum Rules

Keep it clean. The Support Forum is a public forum. Please keep all discussions suitable for mixed company.

Posting profanity, vulgarity, censoredography, or links to censoredography (for example) is strictly prohibited.

Respect other posters.Lets be kind, polite, and respectful to other members.  Disagreements are acceptable. Debates are acceptable.  Flame wars are not. Please do not harass or flame other posters in this forum.

Handling Disputes.  Please use the PM services to solve disputes with other members. We do not want to get into censoring or deleting your posts,  but arguments in public will not be allowed. Should a dispute arise in public please allow the Moderaters to handle it.Should a Moderator step in to handle something and you have an issue with it please take it up with the Moderator or the Administrator via PM or email.

Let the Moderators Handle the Dirty Work.   Don't Play Moderator.  If a rule is broken the Moderators will handle it.   Do not jump in to tell others the rules.  Use the Report to Moderator Link if you see something that is a rule breaker.

Keep Private Messages Private:   Please do not post other members IMs.

Keep it legal.  The posting of copyrighted or illegal material is strictly prohibited.
Do not use the forum for commercial or advertising purposes.
Do not post Spam.

Advertising.  You're not allowed to post advertisements about your website, server or any other public companies.

Posting Graphics:  Do not post large pictures in signatures or posts (mind other users who might have weaker connection and smaller display resolution)  Use thumbnails for lager images.

Do not share your account to others everyone must have his own account.

Do not create more than one account you must have atleast 1 account on the forums,If there any problem with your account contact