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Title: Server Rules
Post by: James on February 19, 2014, 06:01:49 am
Server Rules

Before playing in the server, please, be kind to read and follow it's rules. If you haven't followed and violated any of the rule points, you'll get a punishment, which means a kick or even a permanent ban from the server.

Don't use third party mods (No Hacking)
Don't use any Cleo mods, which could give you an advantage in the gameplay.
Don't go outside of the map area.
No Advertising.
Don't spam or flood in the main public chat. (Will lead to mute.)
No insulting anyone in the server, be respectfull and friendly to others. To players and administration.
No pausing/afking during the gameplay.
No Racism!
No weapon-scroll or any other GTA bugs (C-Bug is allowed)
No Spawn Killing (SK) Don't shoot/kill your enemy's in their spawn point.