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Title: Application Format
Post by: James on February 20, 2014, 04:30:42 am
Copy paste this format into your Application:
Your In-game Name:
Your Location:
Your Timezone
Your Age:
Your English skill on a scale of 1 to 10:
Do you speak any other language besides English:
How long you've been playing on the server:
Explain why you want to get promoted?:
What do you do if you get promoted?:
Screenshot of your In-Game stats:
You must meet these requirements, otherwise your admin application will be rejected:
Activity on the forum, atleast 10 posts on the forum
Registered for atleast 3 days on the forum and on the server
A minimum of 5 hours of playing time on the server
Good English language knowledge. To communicate with the players without any problems.
You must include a screenshot of your statistics on the server "/stats"

Unfollowing the format and not meeting the requirements, will lead to auto DENIED. Which means you'll not be able to apply after 2 weeks period.

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